Make a lasting change in how you’re perceived.

Jackrabbit English is here to help you modify your accent so your listeners hear and focus on your ideas first at work and in social settings.

Develop the skills to adapt how you speak, improving your ability to:

  • Draw more attention to your ideas
  • Influence your listeners’ trust and respect
  • Improve your self-confidence
  • Achieve professional and personal goals

1:1 Sessions

Your 50 minute sessions focus on making very precise changes that will help your listeners understand you more easily.

Practice is individually tailored based on work or social situations that are specific to you.

One-on-ones are handled via video chat (Zoom), making them easy to schedule and attend. No limitations due to time zones or work location.

Open Office Hours

Flexible, 20-minute drop-in practice sessions further reinforce what you are working on more formally in your 1:1 sessions.

Professional conversation practice, including corporate-culture, presentation skills, meeting leadership.

Short, relaxed practice in a structured, professional environment.

Direct Q&A
on Slack

When you have a communication challenge and wish you understood better what went wrong, use the Slack channel ‘Direct Q&A’ for a quick response.

Record a voice, video, or text message and send it via Slack to get support and analysis.

Response time is short and you’ll be able to focus on positive change (instead of negative self-talk).

Intro to Accent Modification

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Portrait photo of Dani Long, owner and language teacher at Jackrabbit English

The human behind Jackrabbit English:

Dani Long

20+ years, teacher & medical translator
10+ years in private industry
MS ED (English language)
Fox Valley Literacy volunteer volunteer, Meetup Organizer