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Your Voice Matters.

English is often the common language of business and scientific life and the ability to communicate clearly in English can weigh heavily on your career. No matter how long you've been using English, no matter your level of accomplishment in your profession, if you are getting feedback that your audience is not understanding you, it's time to change.

Jackrabbit English is here to help you accelerate that change.

Portrait photo of Dani Long, owner and language teacher at Jackrabbit English

Dani Long, lead instructor, holds a Master degree in Education, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MS ED TESOL). In addition to 20+ years experience as a teacher, she has worked in private industry as a translator and in international trade (CGB). She is the local WordPress Meetup organizer and volunteers with and as an Adult Basic Education tutor in her local community.

6 Coachable Skills

Word Stress - emphasis of syllable, or word
Rhythm - stress, timing, sound, & silence
Intonation - changes in pitch
Word Linking - smoothness in transitions
Fluency - speaking at expected rate
Non-Lexicals - phonic tics and body language

These 6 skills involve muscle memory. We work together like a coach or trainer and athlete do to help you make measurable, lasting changes.

An important part of any career is the ability to speak well. Whether you're talking with a few coworkers, creating a tutorial video, or presenting at a conference, you want your ideas heard and understood. If the way you speak in English interferes, you can change how you speak to be better understood.

Relationships hinge being understood. Being understood is important to feeling well socially and emotionally.

When others understand you, your identity is confirmed.

You belong.

You're part of something bigger than just you.

And, to the contrary, being misunderstood can leave you feeling stressed, uneasy, and irritated.

Individual Tutoring:
  • Designed to your specific needs
  • Short or long term classes
  • More extensive feedback process
  • Flexible scheduling
Group Classes:
  • Individualized feedback
  • Grouped/6 to 8 lesson series
  • Project-centered
  • Themed around professional tasks
On-Site Workshops
  • Practical, efficient
  • Focused on your team
  • Built to create enthusiasm
  • Work-specific topics

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Portrait photo of owner, Dani Long.

Who is Dani Long?

Professionally, I hold an MS Ed in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. I've taught languages and been a professional translator (medical, legal, emergency services) for over 20 years.

For the last 8 years, I've worked in small and large businesses in the areas of international logistics and technology. I've earned the title "Certified Global Business Professional" from NASBITE, placed in a regional Business Plan Writing Competition, and presented at regional International Trade conferences.

My experience in language teaching, translating, and business leads me to be very sympathetic to what professionals need in terms of language coaching. And my fluency in tech means you can rely on me to make classes work for you, even at a distance.

When I'm not teaching and weather (and quarentine) permits, I like to hike, bike, take photos, and fish. I tie great woolly bugger and sebasa kebari flies. I'm learning ukulele, and I´m a community volunteer.

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