Drivers & Disrupters

Bloomberg Business Week - 2019.11.04 T. Orlik, S. Johnson, & A. Tanzi The major disruptive forces affecting the global economy right now include protectionism, automation, digital economy, populism, and climate change. Overall, low- and middle-income countries will be more at risk and have more to lose than higher-income countries. The traditional economic drivers of economic ... Read more

Why "Coaching"?

Fundamentally, we here at Jackrabbit English want to help you develop a skill that should add to your ability to earn a living. How we do that makes us more like a sports coach or trainer than a classroom teacher. You already have a lot of English vocabulary. You already have the fundamentals of English ... Read more

Course Design Theory

UNL's page "Planning Your Course" is a good review for how to set up a new course. First, define your view of the purposes of education. I don't think there's one answer here - it depends on the course and, ultimately, the student. But it's an excellent idea to give this some thought, as the ... Read more

Course Planning

In preparation for building Jackrabbit English's online courses, I reviewed course planning ideas from different universities, businesses, and coaching programs. University of Nebraska - Lincoln's page about course planning was very helpful. The first step is about defining the underlying purpose of the course and a suggestion for how to achieve that: To make the ... Read more