Jackrabbit English

American English - Accent modification

Medical/Tech Professionals

Are you are looking for a way to change how you speak English?

Do you want to feel confident that you are speaking fluently and clearly to the people who listen to you the most?

Jackrabbit English teaches you to adapt your pronunciation/accent. We'll help you improve communication with listeners who might not be used to hearing people speak differently from themselves.

There are two main paths to achieve this: Sprint (intensive) and Evolve (flexible pace):

Who is your audience?

Speak so your ideas are heard.

6 Skills to Speaking Fluently:


Word Stress - Emphasis of syllable/word
Rhythm - Stress, timing, sound, & silence
Intonation - Changes in pitch
Word Linking - Smoothness in transitions
Fluency - Speaking at expected rated
Non-Lexicals - Phonic tics, body language

Just like in coding, surgery, music, art, sports: practice the fundamental skills to develop perfect performance every time.

These 6 skills are the building blocks of speaking. Develop each one to master speaking fluently and with confidence.

When you start working with me at Jackrabbit English, you complete an intake evaluation as part of your onboarding process. You'll know your strengths and weaknesses. We plan how to improve each skill over time and chart your progress at regular intervals.

Keeping visual data on hand is imporant, because often we don't hear our own voice as others do. An objective record of improvement can be a real source of pride and encouragement to continue.

One Month Free!

Every month I pick an email subscriber to receive 4 free 1-on-1 sessions with me.

I also send emails about spoken language (mostly English). They're usually short and kind of nerdy, honestly: a teacher talking with you via email about the subject she loves.

(I use a professional email program and do not sell/rent/give away your email to any other entity.)

Portrait photo of Dani Long, owner and language teacher at Jackrabbit English

The human behind Jackrabbit English:

Dani Long

20+ years, teacher & medical translator
10+ years in private industry
MS ED (English language)
WP .org volunteer, Meetup Organizer
Fox Valley Literacy volunteer

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