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Classes at Jackrabbit English are centered around themes. These give you the opportunity to practice speaking using relevant vocabulary and context.

Fieldtesting: Currently we're offering a class that's a bit of a lark: Fandoms and Fun. It's available for a limited time at no charge in exchange for your feedback about how the technology works for you and so on. You still receive about two hours of individual coaching, but the theme and class topics are fun and don't require any prep time on your part.

Completion of the Fandoms & Fun class also earns you a great discount on follow up classes, which we plan to roll out after the evaluation period is complete. Our first series of classes in development:

  • "The Pitch" - startup concepts and how to talk about them
  • "Running a Meeting" - leadership and language
  • "Networking" - introductions and self-promotion, US-style
  • "Your TED Talk" - professional presentations

If you want to take part in any of our upcoming classes, sign up for our special mailing list :

And please consider participating in Fandoms and Fun. Your opinions will help shape how we deveop future classes!

Coaching is about you, 100%. You come with specific situations or a project you want to work on, and I'll craft a coaching program around it.

Maybe you have a very important presentation you want to prepare for and you know the topic but need to present so your audience comprehends you perfectly.

Or maybe you're starting a new job and you need to practice for the role, practice the types of vocabulary or jargon you'll encounter.

We can help you overcome any situation you can think of where you need help to change how you speak in English.

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