Fandoms & Fun – Intro

Welcome to the first class here at JRE! It's about hobbies, passtimes, fandoms - whatever helps you de-stress and brings some fun to your life. After you work through the class, please give us an evaluation on how it worked for you. In appreciation for your time, you'll get a code to take a future class for free.

Here's the process for our classes and lessons:

  1. Read the notes (as you're doing now)
  2. Watch the Flipgrid prompt
  3. Create your response (notes, practice, check goals)
  4. Record your response
  5. Your response is reviewed
  6. An analysis is given and goals are set/reviewed based on the 6 Skills Playsheet
  7. Move on to the next lesson

You do not create a response to the intro video. This one sets up the theme or context for the class. Fandoms and Fun is meant to be enjoyable and is not focused on business or professional themes as most of our classes are.

Feel free to download the 6 Skills Playsheet for reference. It's the rubric we'll use to evaluate how you speak and set goals for change. After you have a copy, go ahead and watch the video and then move on to lesson 1.

Get a copy of the worksheet: