Lesson 3

This recording will have you talking about a guide or mentor who has played a significant role in your development in your hobby/fandom.

Focus on the changes suggested in the review of Lesson 2. I'd like you to try to really "drill down" and work on the incremental changes we talked about in your first two lessons.

Field Testing: Please let me know how the lessons are going so far, along with your feedback about the 6 Skills Playsheet.

  • Overall, how is the site functioning for you? Is there anything that's not logical or just downright annoying?
  • Do you think there's anything missing from the 6 skills we are focused on?
  • Is the 6 Skills Worksheet helpful? What might be better?
  • How is Flipgrid working for you?
  • How are my videos? (I feel like I'm talking too slowly and making weird faces.
  • Is the structure of the class logical? Is there anything ambiguious about how to "do" the classes?

Send me your thoughts: dani@jackrabbitenglish.com Or, if you're feeling confident, use this link to create a review on Flipgrid.

Get a copy of the worksheet:

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