Lesson 5

What does your fandom or passtime or hobby do for you? That's this lesson's theme. See the video for more details on what to talk about.

Reviewing your progress: what's the one thing you've seen the most improvement with so far? Is the gain you've made enough? How much farther can you push yourself to adapt and grow over these last two lessons?

I'm looking forward to learning more about you and working with you to help you achieve your goals. You've got this!!

Field Testing: Do you have any thoughts on the class format so far? Are the video prompts and written information (those paragraphs above) give enough information or would you like more direction?

Do you have any ideas for class themes? We have several in development (Networking (the meet-and-greet kind, not the computer kind), Running a Meeting, Professional Presentations, Talking About a Startup). What others would be interesting/helpful?

Please email dani@jackrabbitenglish.com or, better still, use this link to leave video feedback on Flipgrid.

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