Lesson 6

This is the last lesson. Push hard! Finish strong. Take the changes you've accomplished this far and make them into habits. It just takes time and practice.

Here's an example: one summer when I was learning Spanish, I practiced and practiced a poem that is taught to Spanish-speaking children to help them learn to roll their r's:

R con R cigarro, R con R barril

Rápido ruedan los carros cargados de azucar del ferrocarril.

I had a 6 block walk to school and back every day, so I'd practice all the way there and back. It took me most of the summer to finally get my tongue to trill the r's correctly. I just kept on trying, because I knew it would come if I didn't give up.

To this day, I can roll my r's like a champ. So don't give up - you're not done until you get there!!

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