Accent Modification Services

Professional Training: To help you with your commitment to change, Jackrabbit English offers one-on-one sessions with owner Dani Long, a professional English language educator with 15+ years experience teaching English as a second/foreign language and 20+ years working as a medical and emergency services translator.

Single 1:1 Sessions Available, $60 per sesson

Multi-Session Plans

Reward your commitment to change with discounted session prices. Plans include:

  • Priority Scheduling for Open Office Hours (extra, free practice sessions)
  • A Slack Channel for Direct Q&A outside 1:1 sessions
  • Early  Access to New Services

One-on-One Sessions – Sessions can always be purchased individually.

All sessions run 50 minutes and are conducted via video or audio-only chat.

Once you sign up for a plan or for single sessions, you’ll receive emails that will give you login information, a link to schedule your 1:1 sessions, current Open Office hours, an invitation to the Q&A Slack channel, and other benefits. You can schedule your sessions as soon as the next day.